Two Children

This is a story of two children.

These two children each have a mother that suffers from mental illness.

The first little child, a girl, had a mother that suffered from undiagnosed mental illness. The mother was very very mean at times, and yet very very loving at other times.

The little girl never knew what mother she was going to open her bedroom door to each morning. Sometimes the mother locked the little girl in her bedroom for the entire Saturday. Sometimes she would leave bruises and welts from a belt, she would tell the little girl that it was her fault the mother was so angry. Other times she would bake cookies and read books to the girl. It was always a balance of walking on eggshells and being a good girl.

The little girl loved her mother very very much, but the mother’s control was suffocating and the little girl was wilting fast. It wasn’t until the mother died, that the girl ever really saw the sun.

The other child, a boy, also had a mother that suffered from mental illness, but it was different from the other mother.  This mother was kind and very loving. Usually slow to snap and she did her best to never cause her child to fear her… so much so that she became too permissive in a way. The mother worked hard to provide for her kids but was suffering from depression and anxiety and other things that would cause her to be distracted.

The little boy loved his mom very very much, but he always felt a little ignored.. a little neglected, the computer became his best friend. One day the mother realized how self-absorbed she had become the become… but it was too late, she had lost the boy to the world.

The little girl is the boys mother….

By the time she really was able to see the sun… she lost her Son…



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