We have been home a total of 3 full days and four nights now. I feel I can safely update to a minimal point, anyways.

So the entire reason for going was to help Owen regulate his moods.  To help him be sad without being suicidal,  and to help him be angry without being violent.

This goal, I truly feel, was accomplished.

However, I am a little disappointed with the treatment of Owen regarding his Aspergers and autism.

I feel maybe the hospital did not know as much about Autism as they claim to on their website. But, I suppose that’s where my education and all the research I have done, will come into play.

As for Owens behavior since we have come home, he seems better balanced, able to think before reacting, and just has a general happier outlook. Mission accomplished.

They did diagnosed him with DDAD, sensory perception disorder, and depression, so with those things diagnosed we are willing to follow up in Amarillo with therapy and psychiatrist .

But, I’m not sure how much further we are willing to go to investigate the autism and Aspergers, because we are so tired of being intruded upon by people that don’t know and don’t understand. At least for now anyways.

I am in no way trying to claim to know everything there is to know about Aspergers, but I am tired of people not understanding the complexity of this illness and how different each and every child is on this spectrum.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m just tired!

So, I’m going to hole up in my little cave once again, research, study, and just be the best mom I possibly can be from my boy.

Now that we have many of the behavioral issues taken care of and medication on board, I feel now is the time to focus a little more on Owens overall well-being. We will be continuing on to the doctor for his physical problems, i.e. his heart defect, and his possible sinus mass/impaction and poor bloodwork results.

I  appreciate each and everyone of you! Y’all really helped me pull through those difficult nine days. I know many of you don’t understand and many of you can’t fathom what we have been through… but I also know many of you have gone through much worse with your own child or children and I appreciate your words of wisdom, your prayers, your insightful emails, and just your general friendship.

Even though I claimed extreme loneliness and the feeling of being abandoned during those nine days. I actually learned a lot about myself and I was actually forced to care for myself in a way that I have not been able to since Owens birth. I met new friends. I discovered some things about myself that have maybe changed my outlook and understanding. I  encouraged and helped a few people along the way, myself!  One girl, my waitress, I helped show how to find a job in the nursing field while going to RN school. The other,  how to continue with their dreams because they have no one else to encourage them.

I  was told over and over that I’m a good person. I was told by many that my children were lucky to have me. I grew as a human being, not just as a mother.

And for that experience I am thankful.

Because now, more than ever,  I actually feel I have purpose on this earth and that purpose is to be my children’s  voice, advocate, and guiding light.

I love you all!

I will update soon 🙂


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