I’m a big fat loser!


I spent all day in Mardel and Barns & Noble, thinking I would get to see my boy at 6:45 like usual.


I walked in and was informed at the window that visitation had taken place at 2:00pm, since it was Saturday…. I was 4 1/5 hours late!!!!

I burst into big snoopy style tears, terribly distraught at the thought of Owen waiting for me at 2 feeling completely and totally abandoned by my absence.

How in the WORLD could I miss a visit?!?! I had even looked at my phone, at 2:00 thinking: “I can’t wait until visit at 6:45!”

So, i left him a book and a long apologetic note. Then went out to my car and called the boys unit. The nurse was NOT going to let me talk to him!! Stating “if you can’t make it to visit you don’t deserve to bother him tonight”. I cried a begged and finally my friend Lutrell heard the conversation on his end and told her to let me speak to Owen.

Owen got on the line and I automatically started crying again.

My precious boy. He not only calmed me down, but told me to go relax, rest up, stop worrying about him, and that he would see me soon and that would be the day he goes home.

I asked him at what point did HE become the 40-year-old and me 11? Lol

He sounds so much better! He was very articulate, very calm, happy and…. Well, mature! I can hear a change in even his speech patterns!

i see results!

I am so excited that results are visible, even after only 3 full days on meds!

i see a potential to a better, more calm life at home!

So, even though I am a scatter brained loser, my son is dealing with disappointments with a much better frame of mind.

Maybe he can teach me a thing or two, someday šŸ™‚


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