Day 2-3

Had a really hard visit last night, found out he has been the victim of bullying, again. Not from just the other kids and roommate but a teacher as well! Watchdog momma got that taken care of, but not before him receiving some bruises and a bloody nose 😦
Spoke at length today with the doctor (tucker) and therapist, Kristin. They are amazing, and all over the mistreatment and bullying.
Owen is also being tested for physical causes. Don’t want to elaborate here, due to not knowing what exactly they suspect, but they feel some of this IS more physical rather than mental. If it IS a physical ailment, then Owen will be discharged and sent directly to Cook Children’s. If it is mental, we are in the right place. We have already been referred to a cardiologist and an ear, nose, throat doctor.
I am in a better place, mentally. Just still aching for my boy.
Love you all.


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