Step 4: Inform His School

This was a terrifying ordeal for me.

His principal, however nice he is, scares the dickens out of me!

He is loud and abrupt, like a football coach, and men like that tend to scare me anyways.

Owens other teachers were present, along with my friend, his counselor and our Special Education liaison.

I stated the facts, what we are looking at, what it could be, and what it is not.

I gave them each the details of what we need to happen.  I also informed them that he is not going to be labeled as “Emotionally Disturbed” for very much longer. That was nice to say 🙂

His principal looked a little taken aback, he has seen most of these rages at school, he’s tried to control these rages.. everything from holdlding Owen down on a chair and yelling in his face to “shut up”,  to shutting off the lights in the bathroom and causing Owen to be so scared he wet his pants.   I am not blaming him at all… he to is uneducated in this area, and we all get frustrated.  See how you react when a child is coming at you trying to tear your face off or is completely out of his mind with rage, screaming at the top of his lungs and you have 2 thousand other kids to worry about the safety of.   I think he may be a little worried, but I think he is also very concerned about Owen.

I do know I got a lot of good feedback from all the teachers involved, and I really feel like everyone is coming around  to Team Robyn 🙂

I finally informed Facebook of Owens new possible diagnosis.

I am not sure how I feel about this being all over social media, really.  I fear our information may fall into the wrong hands, or this may set us up for judgment and critics…

But I am a very firm believer in prayer, and where are my strongest prayer warriors? Facebook… so now its out there.

I hope we hear from Cooks Soon… I am getting tired of waiting.

fb post:________________________________________________

Today I was able to inform Owens teachers about what we are testing him for… so now I feel it’s ok to tell you all.  We have recently discovered that Owen is having, and has always been having, several different types of brain seizures. We are in the very early stages of testing, but the doctors are leaning towards a certain type of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy or (more strongly) a hypothalmic tumor called a Hypothalmic Harmatoma. It explains SO MUCH about what I have been through with Owen…. this is a hopeful but terrifying time for us all. Please continue to keep Owen in your prayers. Please continue to pray that the right doctors come into our lives and help us down this scary new path. So… there ya go.

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