Step One: Convince the Doctor

I went to the Psychologist with my findings, wanting to hash it out with someone from the medical field.

He listened and agreed it really does sound plausible.

I asked him if he thought I was crazy for reaching for something that is so very rare, so very… Out There

He said, “Well, No! I don’t think you are crazy…. I think after all you have told me, and the similarities between Owen and this HH… I feel you would be crazy NOT to pursue this!”

January 7th, I took Owen to the Pediatrician.

Dr. Hasham is a tiny little Indian lady with huge, dark, brown eyes and wearing a beautiful, purple and gold head wrap.

She listened intently to my story (I was very careful to not mention the HH), she understood the absence seizures, the Aspergers rages, the food allergies, listening with a gentle calmness that instantly made me feel at ease.

(Please note… I can’t write every single detail)

She took some notes, looked over my beautiful boy, then simply asked: “Has he ever been to a Pediatric Neurologist? I myself have an Autistic child, and I do not feel Owen has any form of Autism… I feel what he suffers from is Neurological, not Physiological.   We need to get him in for some tests on his brain.  I will forward these results to Cooks Children’s Hospital in Dallas and hopefully we can get some answers soon.”

Owen and I left her office in complete and total shock.  She believed us! She BELIVED Us… We are so used to Doctors telling us that he has “acid reflux, Obstinent Defiant Disorder, Depression, GURD, Immature Nervous System, Allergies… etc” that it was completely mind blowing that she agreed with us and believes it is neurological!

She was now in the process of setting up an appointment for an EEG of Owens brain…

Things are falling into place.

As a reward, Owen got to go pick out his new hamster, Fish.  He’s cute 🙂



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